Now Anyone
Can Code.

With GoCinQ Campus Program
GoCinQ Campus Program seamlessly bridges the gap between academic knowledge and the dynamic demands of the industry, providing an engaging and transformative learning experience.

Hours of Conceptual training


Realtime Projects


Daily Assignments


Weekly Assessments

Student's Challenges

GoCinQ's Solution

At GoCinQ, we’re all about transforming hurdles into stepping stones for students. Our Campus Program takes center stage in this mission, offering students a chance to dive into real-world projects and receive personalized guidance from industry pros.

Industry Ready Certification


Internship Opportunities

1-on-1 Live Doubt Resolution


Job Ready Portfolio

Why Choose GoCinQ ?

Our comprehensive program empowers aspiring and experienced developers to become Full Stack Web Developers in the dynamic field, making coding accessible to everyone with the motto –
“Now Anyone Can Code.”

Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance

GoCinQ Campus Program offers placement assistance to high-performing students
Dedicated Teaching Assistant

Dedicated Teaching Assistant

Receive personalized support from a Dedicated Teaching Assistant, who guides you through every step of your learning journey.

15+ Realtime Projects

15+ Realtime Projects

Gain hands-on experience through 15+ Realtime Projects, enhancing your practical skills in a real-world context.

Mentorship from Industry Experts

Mentorship from Industry Experts

Benefit from Mentorship by Industry Experts, leveraging their insights to shape a successful and impactful career.

Mock Tests & Interviews

Mock Tests & Interviews

Ace any test with confidence through Mock Tests & Interviews, refining your performance and boosting your chances.

Resume Building & Profile Analysis

Resume Building & Profile Analysis

Craft a standout professional identity with Resume Building & Profile Analysis, optimizing your appeal to potential employers.


We also offer an Int-Earn-Ship Program specifically designed to provide students with an extra boost in working on real-world projects.

Develop frontend and backend web projects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB and more...

Receive valuable feedback and guidance from experienced mentors at GoCinQ.

Get featured on GoCinQ's YouTube channel to showcase student's projects.

Share student skills and expertise through articles on platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub Profile, and Medium.

Participate in pizza party challenges every week.

Overall, the Int-Earn-Ship Program equips students with practical experience, a robust online presence, and the ability to showcase their skills, significantly improving their prospects of securing a rewarding job in the web development field.

Training Methodology

The training methodology adopted by GoCinQ represents a significant departure from traditional approaches. GoCinQ’s training methodology can be summarized in the following steps:

Clear Vision and Goal Setting

Students are equipped with a clear vision of their web development goals.

Segmented Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into manageable segments, each focused on a specific concept.

Emphasis on Practical Application

The training methodology places equal importance on both practical application and theoretical knowledge. This approach is designed to help trainees become accustomed to real-world projects upon joining a tech company.

Simultaneous Learning

Theory and practical application are taught simultaneously, fusing concepts and real-world application

Real-Time Skill Development

Practical emphasis equips students with real-time skills, preparing them to tackle challenges effectively.

Our Mentors

Our mentors and trainers are youthful and energetic, enabling them to effortlessly connect with the students participating in our program. We prioritize understanding the challenges they encounter and actively addressing their pain points.
Harika Yanamadala

Harika Yanamadala

Senior Consultant,
Avinash Poluru

Avinash Poluru

Software Engineer,
Physicians Mutual
Krishna Teja

Krishna Teja

Ruthvik Chandra

Ruthvik Chandra

Business Program Manager,

What sets us Apart

At GoCinQ, we believe that this integrated approach to training optimises the learning experience and empowers students to excel in their web development journey.

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How long is the duration of the campus program?
The GoCinQ Campus Program typically spans 8 to 12 months. However, the duration is customized according to the specific requirements of each institution.
What are the minimum eligibility criteria for students to join the campus program?
Students should be in their 2nd year or above of college studies in the institution where the campus program is conducted.
Is a computer science background necessary for participating in the campus program?
No, students from any educational background can take part in the GoCinQ campus program.
Does GoCinQ offer a job guarantee with the campus program?
As participants of the campus program are college students, we provide them with opportunities to enhance their skill set, build a strong portfolio, and offer job placement assistance.
Will I receive 1 on 1 Live Doubt Resolution during the campus program?
Yes, participants of the campus program receive personalized 1 on 1 Live Doubt Resolution from expert mentors of GoCinQ.
What is the Int-Earn-Ship Program?
The Int-Earn-Ship Program by GoCinQ is designed to provide students with hands-on experience by working on real-world projects. Participants have the chance to collaborate on multiple projects under the guidance of expert mentors.
Do campus program participants get access to the Learning Management System (LMS)?
Yes, participants of the campus program are granted access to selected content available on the GoCinQ Learning Management System (LMS).