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Our Training Methodology

The training methodology adopted by GoCinQ represents a significant departure from traditional approaches. GoCinQ’s training methodology can be summarised in the following steps:

Clear Vision and Goal Setting

Students are equipped with a clear vision of their
Web Development goals.

Segmented Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into manageable segments, each focused on a specific concept.

Emphasis on Practical Application

Practical application is given equal importance to theoretical concepts, reinforcing understanding and enhancing skills.

Simultaneous Learning

Theory and practical application are taught simultaneously, fusing concepts and real-world application.

Real-Time Skill Development

Practical emphasis equips students with real-time skills, preparing them to tackle challenges effectively.

Payment Methods

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Hand Cash

Old-school but gold. Hand over crisp notes or jingling coins. Perfect for face-to-face deals, keeping it simple and tech-free.


Debit / Credit Cards

Swipe, tap, or type. Whether you’re a chip-and-pin fan or love contactless, your plastic’s got you covered. Shop anywhere, anytime.

Internet Banking

Click and pay, the modern way. Dive into seamless transactions straight from your bank. Quick, paperless, and oh-so-smooth.

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What does GoCinQ offer?

GoCinQ offers three comprehensive programs: the Job First Pay Later Program, the Career Launchpad Program and the Campus Program in full stack web development, aimed at making participants project-ready and job-ready.

What is the minimum eligibility criteria for these programs?
  • For the Job First Pay Later Program, a BTech Degree obtained on or after 2019 is required.
  • For the Career Launchpad Program, a Bachelor’s Degree obtained on or after 2018 is required.
  • For the Campus Program, students should be studying in their 2nd year of undergraduate degree. and above.
What is Job First Pay Later?

You get a Job First with Zero Down Payment and you will be paying our training fees in EMIs once when you get your salary credited to your account from your respective organisation. You will only be eligible for this if you qualify the assessment. To take up the assessment, click here.

We provide a one-year Job Assurance guarantee when you secure a position with a company through our services. This means that if you are terminated for reasons other than performance issues within that one-year period, we will either help you find another job within one month or provide you with a refund within one month from the termination date.

Is Job Placement guaranteed upon successful completion of the program?

Yes. If you successfully complete the program, we can get you placed within 4 months from the date you successfully complete the program with the required criteria. To know more, click here.

Will there be a refund if job placement isn't obtained after the program?

If you enroll for a Career Launchpad Program, Yes, a 100% refund will be provided if GoCinQ fails to secure job placement for you within 4 months after program completion, provided you meet the minimum attendance and score requirements.

Please review our refund policy for further information.

I have no programming knowledge, can I still apply?

Certainly! These programs are designed to start from the basics and is suitable for learners with no prior programming experience but we recommend you to learn basics atleast before you join the program so that you will have an idea atleast of what you can expect. Additional resources and references are also provided to support your learning journey.

Are scholarships available for this course?

Yes, we offer scholarships for students who pass a test in Career Launchpad Program. Scholarships for Job First Pay Later program is considered on an individual basis.  To find out more about the scholarship program, click here.

Will I be granted lifetime access to the course content?

Access to the course content will be available only for the duration of the course. We do not offer lifetime course access because the content is designed to help you achieve results within a specific time frame.