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Who is this course for?

What do you get?


What are the prerequisites for this course?

A Bachelor’s Degree obtained on or after 2018

Am I eligible for this course if I come from a non-technical background?
Yes, your background is not a barrier. As long as you have a strong desire to learn, you are welcome to join.
I have no knowledge of basic programming languages, but I'm interested in learning coding. Can I apply?
Absolutely! This course starts from the absolute basics, catering to learners with no prior programming knowledge. We encourage you to supplement your learning by researching and using the references we provide.
Is there a guarantee of getting an internship or job after completing the course?
Trainees who complete assignments and submit projects on time are evaluated. To be eligible for the 100% Job Guarantee, a minimum of 85% on-time submission and approval rate is required.
Are scholarships available for this course?
Yes, we offer scholarships for students who pass a test. To find out more about the scholarship program, click here.